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Gaucho roots

I am Dario Gallardo, third generation descendant of gauchos and horse breeders in my region, Corrientes. In 2001, I decided to share my passion for horses and Argentine customs by organizing adventures with horses and authentic cultural experiences.

We promote Development and Culture

We strongly believe in community-based rural tourism, the tourism activities we undertake provide economic development opportunities for families and communities in remote rural areas. We deeply respect our people and the lifestyle of their families with whom we work.

You will be able to live with us an authentic cultural experience and at the same time offer an economic opportunity to improve the quality of life of the communities we visit.

Sustainable Economic Development

Cultural Respect

Authentic Experiences

Expert and Friendly Guides

Alma líquida

Alma líquida is the fruit of the magic of life, the passion for horses, wine and good music; of inspiring talks at barbecues and, above all, of the great friendship of Dario (Gaucho Argentino) with Juan and Gustavo, the owner and winemaker of the boutique winery Chaglasian, where tradition meets technology.

“Dos Copas" Horse Farm

In our Horse Farm, located in the south of the province of Corrientes, we are dedicated to the breeding of Criollo horses. Our main objective is to have excellent horses for our trips and also to compete. We want horses that not only look good, but are also practical and, above all, friendly and easy to handle.

We have focused on improving the genetics of the horses. Over the last few years, we have worked to breed Criollo horses that are both functional and extremely gentle, the latter being our main goal.


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