Culture of the Gaucho and Argentina

Argentina, a country with beauty and soul, is known for its excellent wines, its folkloric music and tango, as well as its delicious meats linked to cattle breeding, the undisputed specialty of the gaucho. In this experience you will be able to experience the gaucho in all his dimension, his ability and skill with horses, his nobility, warmth, kindness and his pride of living and feeling his land.

Originally a nomadic horseman and cowboy of the Argentine pampas, renowned for his ability to hunt wild cattle alive, hundreds of years of history, legends and ballads have helped define the cultural traditions of the gaucho, embedding his influence deeply in the Argentine cultural tradition. Because the gaucho played an important role as a gaucho soldier in Argentina’s independence, he is respected as a symbol representing Argentina’s nationalistic sentiments.

Gauchos were, are and will continue to be proud skilled horsemen. For a gaucho, the horse is one of his most precious possessions. Annual festivals throughout Argentina usually include gaucho riding demonstrations.

The Argentine Criollo Horse

The Argentine Criollo is recognized for its firm character and intelligence. One of the hardiest breeds, with a strong, muscular body and chest, these horses are the sensible working companions for gauchos in Argentina. The breed has been carefully managed since the 20th century.

Gaucho Argentino breeds and uses Criollos and Criollo crossbred horses for many of their adventures and journeys. These horses are alternated by the same gauchos that accompany our clients on our rides, our Criollos are safe, well trained and intelligent. Whether you are an experienced rider or this is your first experience on horseback, you will feel relaxed and enjoy our rides.

Gaucho Cuisine

The gaucho’s diet was composed almost entirely of meat, as in the countryside, supplemented with yerba mate, a tea made from the leaves of the yerba tree. Whether it was meat roasted on a grill or in a clay oven, or a slow-cooked stew, the gauchos are famous for their ability to cook with fire.


The chamamé is the traditional music of the gauchos of the northeastern regions of Argentina. Originating from the Guarani around the Iberá marshes, Chamamé has been influenced by Spanish guitar and German accordion and bandoneon to provide a distinct sound that continues to grow. It is difficult to think of the gaucho without linking him to the music of each place, it lives in his soul and spirit.

Clothing and Tools

Gauchos often dress differently according to their region. Typical gaucho clothing includes a poncho, which is also used to sleep under the open sky. On his head hat or beret, a large knife at the back of his waist, and baggy pants called bombachas. Footwear varies, but most commonly consists of canvas espadrilles or high leather boots.


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